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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I am participating in the Congenital Heart Walk to support the mission of The Children's Heart Foundation: to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects by funding the most promising research. Congentital heart defects are the most common birth defect in the nation, impacting ONE in every 110 babies each year. The Children's Heart Foundation exists to make sure these babies- and everyone impacted by CHDs - live long and healthy lives. Because of research, today there is greater hope for babies born with, and adults living with, congental heart defects. 

I hope you'll join me by supporting my fundraising efforts as I work to raise funds for life-saving research.

About Me

On May 13th, I will be walking with the Children's Heart Foundation again in Kings Park. Hopefully, our Heart Warrior Jacob, my great nephew, will be leading the way again this year! Jacob is scheduled for his third surgery (the Fontan) on April 11th, so we are praying he will be healed up enough to lead us! 

Jacob was born on February 24, 2020 with a complex CHD. He had his first open heart surgery when he was just one week old in NYC and a second (the Glenn procedure) when he was five months old. Since then, he has had 3 Cardiac Catheterizations. Jacob is living with a single ventricle heart, with it's own unique anatomy. It is a heart filled with the most love, strength, and determination we have been blessed to know. Jacob is the silliest and sweetest toddler with more than enough energy to lead Team Jacob's Sole Mates on our walk to raise money for congenital heart defect research. PLEASE consider joining Jacob's Sole Mates or donating to our team to help us raise money for a cause that is so dear to our hearts!

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  • Maria Sarcona-Mayo May 2023 $50.00
  • Kathie Herman May 2023 $41.20
  • Anonymous May 2023
  • Joe Cummings May 2023 $103.00
  • Lorraine Hein May 2023 $103.00
  • Joe Cummings May 2023 $103.00
  • Lorraine Hein May 2023 $103.00
  • Ken Goldberg Emerson Amusement Company March 2023 $103.00
  • Dawn Hein March 2023 $103.00
  • Mike & Jocelyn April 2023 $100.00