Remembering Callie ❤️

First and foremost, if you are reading this, thank you for remembering my girl❤️

Most of you know Callie's story. We had a 100% completely normal pregnancy with no indications that Callie has a heart defect. During labor, we still had no indications that Callie had a heart defect. As soon as Callie was born, her heart rate shot up to over 200 beats per minute, essentially it was like she was having continuous heart attacks and we didn't know why. 

We learned that Callie had a gap in a primary artery.

I have spent years trying to remember if it was something I did during pregnancy, trying to figure out why it wasn't detected, and wondering how things could be different if we did know in advance. I have learned that at the time of the 20 week ultrasound, her arteries where essentially like trying to see a gap or a blip on a hair strand. They are extremely tiny then! But still, what if we had known.

That is why I continue to support The Childrens Heart Foundation. To create and improve ways to detect heart defects so that other parents don't have to follow the same path we did.

We appreciate your continued support of remembering our girl❤️

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