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I’m Alexander’s mom, Madeline, and I was born with Aortic Stenosis, a form of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). At two years old, I underwent open-heart surgery to repair my heart. Despite the early setbacks, I have had continued success and happiness in my life.  In 2014, I met the life of my life on the DC Metro and we were married in 2019.  Excited to expand our little family, we welcomed Alexander Augustus Runco on September 28, 2021. Joy mingled with anxiety as we discovered that our son, too, carried the weight of CHD. Diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries and only three days old, he required immediate intervention to ensure his survival. Our world seemed to stand still as we prepared for the journey ahead. We faced setbacks and moments of fear but celebrated milestones and triumphs, cherishing each precious heartbeat.

Today, Alexander is a strong and healthy toddler. From the moment he wakes up, Alexander is ready to conquer a new day. He loves listening to music (The Backstreet Boys are one of his favorites), playing and cuddling with the cats, and running around outside. He is also a big fan of Top Gun. Despite being born during a pandemic, Alex is quite social. He is a big flirt, smiling and raising his eyebrows at everyone he meets. He even has a few moves, like Cute Face and Silly Face, he uses to get big smiles from his admirers. You would never know by looking at him the battle he faced. The only sign now is a scar on his chest, a zipper, that he shares with his Mommy.


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  • Larry Katzman September 2023 $250.00
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